Space Shuttle all 5 orbiters flown artifact acrylic
Space Shuttle all 5 orbiters flown artifact acrylic
Acrylic containing a FLOWN insulation artifacts from EACH space flown US Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle all 5 orbiters flown artifact acrylic

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Acrylic containing a FLOWN insulation artifact from EACH space flown US Space Shuttle

Between the first launch of Columbia (STS-1) on April 12, 1981, and the final landing of Atlantis (STS-135) on July 21, 2011, NASA's space shuttles flew 135 missions. After first-built Columbia the Shuttles Challenger (Exploded 73 seconds after launch, STS-51L), Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour followed. Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed during re-entry Earth's atmosphere after mission STS-107.

Made in Germany - the best acrylics on the market
Made out of the most advanced acrylic available on the market today - Plexid 55 - these are ultraclear with no discoloration over time. Unlike other privately made acrylics or lucites these are real blocks, not cheaply glued or screwed together.

Each block is about 5''x3''x1'' in size - perfect for any office table or even flat down in a cabinet.

As you are used we only use the best certified flown artifacts for these highend products. This acrylic contains fragments from each Space Shuttle that went into orbit - each fragment has been flown into space:

Space Shuttle Columbia: Flown insulation
Space Shuttle Challenger: Flown insulation
Space Shuttle Discovery: Flown insulation
Space Shuttle Atlantis: Flown insulation
Space Shuttle Endeavour: Flown insulation

Any items from the Space Shuttle Challenger are incredibly rare as they were all secured after the explosion of the orbiter and little was released before such as this metal insulation.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity and copies of the original NASA papers. 

Your out of this world memento of the Space Shuttle program !

None of the Columbia or Challenger artifacts are from the ill-fated flights but removed after an earlier flight during regular maintenance.

All our presentations, acrylics and other merchandising articles made or produced by BeenInSpace or Artifactcloud do come with an attached or separate certificate of authenticity (COA) and are guaranteed authentic without any limits. We do include copies of the source certificate or documentation where available.


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