Charlie Duke

Been in space 1972

Chalie Duke Apollo 16 moonwalker (Been in Space in 1972)

Born 1935 in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), lives in Texas. US Air Force pilot, Master of aeronautical engineering (MIT), NASA astronaut, moonwalker, entrepreneur.

Capcom for the First Moon Landing

July 20th, 1969

Apollo 11 moonlanding 1969
Charlie Duke, Apollo 11 Capcom

„Thanks, tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You’ve got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again! Thanks a lot!“

Charlie Duke's first words to
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, after seconds earlier the radio message "The Eagle has landed" confirmed the touchdown of the Apollo 11 lunar module.

Apollo 16 moonlanding, Young, Mattingly, Duke

10th man on the moon

April 16 - 27, 1972

Charlie Duke Apollo 16 dress room
Apollo 16 Saturn V launch 1972
Astronaut Charlie Duke on lunar surface
Apollo 16 Charlie Duke family photo on the moon
Apollo 16 Command Module after splashdown

The launch of Apollo 16

Almost three years after the first moon landing, LMP Charlie Duke climbed the Apollo 16 capsule at the top of the Saturn V rocket. Together with Commander John Young and CMP Ken Mattingly, he launched to the fifth lunar landing mission.

Apollo 16 moon panorama

Landing on the Lunar Surface

As Lunar Module Pilot (LMP), Charlie Duke landed the Lunar module 'Orion' south of the lunar equator on April 21th, 1972 at 2:23 GMT. During the three-day stay on the Moon's surface, Duke and John Young conducted many scientific experiments. With the 'Lunar Rover' they drove about 27 km and explored unknown areas of the Moon.

“We both were fascinated”

Charlie Duke and Gennady Padalka for Been in Space online shop

Charlie Duke & Gennady Padalka about the rendezvous of Apollo und Soyuz in 1975.
Charlie was 39 years old and Gennady was 17 years old.