Mercury all flights FLOWN artifacts First Day Cover

Mercury all flights FLOWN artifacts First Day Cover

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Mercury FDC with FLOWN artifacts from ALL manned Mercury flights.

This official Mercury FDC contains artifacts from every manned Mercury flight on one single cover :

  • Mercury MR-3 - Flown parachute fragment - ex-Hal French
  • Mercury MR-4 - Flown tape fragment - ex Curt Newport, Liberty Bell 7 recovery leader
  • Mercury Atlas 6 - Flown heatshield fragment - taken from a heatshield plug
  • Mercury Atlas 7 - Flown retaining lanyard from the capsule
  • Mercury Atlas 8 - Flown heatshield fragment
  • Mercury Atlas 9 - Flown heatshield fragment

The cover comes with a copy of the documentation of the source of EACH flown artifact ! Certified and numbered on the backside - guaranteed authenticity for lifetime.

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