Martian meteorite NWA 6710 - Marsrock

Martian meteorite NWA 6710 - Marsrock

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A real rock from Mars - NWA 6710 - Martian, olivine-phyric shergottite

Own a real piece of the red planet Mars at an unbeatable price !
Like lunar meteorites these meteorites are among the most thought-after and rarest on the market.
NWA 6710 belongs to an extremely rare group of meteorites known as SNC group (Shergottite, Nakhlite, and Chassigny), they are all from the planet mars. Shergottites are pieces of the crustal mantle of the planet Mars that were blown into orbit by an enormous meteorite impact hitting the red planet. This meteorite spent ages in space before it was caught by the earth's gravity and landed in Northwest Africa

The marsrock comes in a plastic box and weighs about 7-10mg.
The box is 2x1 inch in size and can be opened, of course, to touch your piece of mars !


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