Charlie Duke signed 16&
Charlie Duke signed 16&

Charlie Duke signed 16''x13'' b/w Armstrong Apollo 11 „That's one small step...“

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Possibly the most famous quote of the entire space program and space history :

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"

16''x12'' glossy photo hand-signed and annotated by Charlie Duke, Apollo 11 Capcom, and the first man to speak with another human being on another celestial body July 16th 1969.

Only 2-3 samples are known to be inscribed by Armstrong ever - these sold many years ago already at $80,000+.

This is the only and the first sample of this famous quote believed to be written by another Apollo 11 connected astronaut.

A true investment piece - mint condition!

Image is printed on high-end Ilford b/w professional paper with a mat finish, the best paper there is currently for this kind of image. 

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