Apollo 9 space flown CM and LM Kapton foil acrylic
Apollo 9 space flown CM and LM Kapton foil acrylic

Apollo 9 space flown CM and LM Kapton foil acrylic

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Offered on the market for the first time together :

Acrylic block containing Apollo 9 FLOWN Kapton foil from the command module and the lunar module removed by Rusty Schweickart himself!

First test of the Lunar Module in space - Apollo 9: James McDivitt, Dave Scott and Rusty Schweickart.

Made in Germany - the best acrylics on the market
Made out of the most advanced acrylic available on the market today - Plexid 55 - these are ultraclear with no discoloration over time. Unlike other privately made acrylics or lucites these are real blocks, not cheaply glued or screwed together. Each block is about 5''x3''x1'' in size - perfect for any office table or even flat down in a cabinet.

The more common flown Apollo 9 command module Kapton foil was removed by a NASA worker after the flight from the capsule and the much rarer Lunar Module flown Kapton foil is from the personal collection of Rusty Schweickart who removed that piece during the flight. A copy of his COA comes with the acrylic.

Only 30 such acrylics were made.

All our presentations, acrylics and other merchandising articles made or produced by BeenInSpace or Artifactcloud do come with an attached or separate certificate of authenticity (COA) and are guaranteed authentic without any limits. We do include copies of the source certificate or documentation where available.

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