Charlie Duke - Klaus Mellenthin 15&

Charlie Duke - Klaus Mellenthin 15''x17'' Baryt photograph

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Made exclusively for BEEN IN SPACE on first-class high-end Baryt paper, no other photo
paper shows black tones so deep and nuances so fine. Wherever they are displayed – in a conference room or your private living room – they are surely a conversation starter.

BEEN IN SPACE is proud to offer you these exclusive Baryt photographs in collaboration with Klaus Mellenthin, each print is hand-signed by Charlie Duke who also numbered the edition for us. 

Photographed by Klaus Mellenthin in 2021.

Baryt photograph, limited edition of 16 each with only 8 sets to be sold as a triptych.

Inquire for a complete set/triptych.

Numbered on the front side, hand-signed by Charlie Duke, and signed by Klaus Mellenthin on the backside, comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Size: 34.5 cm x 42.5 cm / 28.5 cm x 35.5 cm (image only)

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