One of Europe's largest space collection for sale

Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins signed bubble helmet replica

We've been chosen to offer one of the largest private space collections in Europe (and the world) exclusively on!

While the majority of it will arrive in a container in several weeks we have already taken a few lighter and smaller items with us by plane to offer already now. 
While autographs play an important role in that collection focus was on signed models, helmets, spacesuits, parts, and other display items!

Also, aviation memorabilia is strong as you can see with some very rare signed books by Lindbergh or Orville Wright.

Of course, EVERY "holy grail" there is in our hobby is included in this collection - most notably a fantastic uninscribed Apollo 11 crew SP, the nicest Gagarin signed biography we have ever seen, a stunning STS-1 signed launch photo, a Chuck Yeager signed Machmeter, cool Alan Shepard signed golf ball, nicely inscribed Bruce McCandless MMU photo and so much more!

We plan to get Zarelli certification for several items where needed, but wanted to offer these things already now! Contact us for respective items to make arrangements. 

Please note: We will be working on our shipping rates, but for now all prices reflect shipping included for those who mention the discount code! For larger 3D items we will individually discuss shipping options such as for the spacesuit helmets.

Florian Noller, July 2022
Managing director BEEN IN SPACE