German astronaut Hans Schlegel visited Weil der Stadt & Mannheim

Astronaut Hans Schlegel at Planetarium Mannheim, October 2022.

At the end of October, German astronaut Hans Schlegel was our guest
in Weil der Stadt.

In 1993 he made his first spaceflight onboard Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-55). 15 years later, Hans Schlegel flew onboard Space Shuttle Atlantis
to the International Space Station and helped to install the ESA Columbus module.

Been In Space arranged a public lecture at the planetarium in Mannheim, where he talked about his spaceflight experiences to more than 150 visitors.


Astronaut Hans Schlegel enters his name in the Golden Book of Weil der Stadt, October 2022.

On the next day, Mr. Schlegel entered his name into the golden book of Weil der Stadt in presence of astronauts Ulf Merbold and Ernst Messerschmid.

Later he gave a lecture to the students of a local high school.

We are planing to arrange more lectures with Hans Schlegel, if you want to book him for your event, please contact us:

We will send you further information and will arrange contact to Mr. Schlegel.

Astronaut Hans Schlegel signing autographs for Been In Space.

Hans Schlegel also signed a few stunning STS-122 EVA photos (click here).