Collecting is not only a leisure activity, it's also a financial investment !

Whether you buy on ebay, from another dealer, an auction house or from us - authenticity should be your main concern. Like in any collecting area there are some pitfalls and traps to watch out for with space memorabilia as well.

Any of our items sold here or on ebay has been carefully checked for authenticity, that means all autographs have been carefully compared vs. known autopen and secretarial style samples first. With our more than 20 years of experience and our large network of space enthusiasts we then look for traits of a third-hand forgery before we offer it here or on ebay.

As with flown artifacts and memorabilia we always try to obtain these directly from astronauts and cosmonauts or well respected sources (like the Apollo 11 Kapton foil from one of the legends in space collecting - Ken Havekotte). Clear knowledge of the origin and source is everything !

Your advantages buying from Artifactcloud

  • Lifetime guarantee of authenticity on anything sold here on this website
  • 30 days money back garantuee after receipt
  • All items are shipped registered and insured, no transport risk on your end
  • Get free consultation on your space memorabilia as an existing customer
  • Personal service by Florian Noller after your purchase
  • Profit from our large network of space enthusiasts all over the planet
  • If you prefer a second opinion on any of the autographs - we highly recommend Steve Zarelli Authentication - If it fails there, we pay your cost !
  • We have more than 20 years of experience with just space memorabilia (or would you consult a dentist if you have trouble with your heart ?)

Florian Noller served as vice-president and president of the European space collectors society "Weltraum-Philatelie" for more than 15 years, he's currently a member of the board of the German autograph collecting society AdA and he's one of the founding members of - a large database on autograph forgeries who has eliminated millions of $$$ in fakes on ebay over the years.