X-2 rocket plane flown fragment 8x10 presentation
X-2 rocket plane flown fragment 8x10 presentation

X-2 rocket plane flown fragment 8x10 presentation

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The X-2 was a swept-wing, rocket-powered aircraft designed to fly faster than Mach 3 (three times the speed of sound). It was built for the U.S. Air Force by the Bell Aircraft Company, Buffalo, New York.

This presentation bears a fragment of a flown X-2 that has been recovered by a team of aerospace archaelogists in 2001 and sold in an effort to ensure their preservation as raise funds for future team efforts.
The X-2 was flown to investigate the problems of aerodynamic heating as well as stability and control effectiveness at high altitudes and high speeds (in excess of Mach 3). Bell aircraft built two X-2 aircraft. These were constructed of K-monel (a copper and nickel alloy) for the fuselage and stainless steel for the swept wings and control surfaces.  The aircraft had ejectable nose capsules instead of ejection seats because the development of ejection seats had not reached maturity at the time the X-2 was conceived.

The X-2 ejection canopy was successfully tested using a German V-2 rocket. The X-2 used a skid-type landing gear to make room for more fuel. The airplane was air launched from a modified Boeing B-50 Superfortress Bomber.

Please note that every fragment looks different, so the photo shown is just a sample photo. The size is approx. the same on all presentations.
Your presentation package includes :

  • 8x10 color glossy presentation certificate – ready to mat and frame
  • Flown fragment of the X-2
  • Certificate of authenticity + copy of original certificate

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