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Space Shuttle Columbia FLOWN insulation material

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Space Shuttle Columbia FLOWN insulation material

The Space Shuttle was the first reusable spaceship in the world. A total of six Space Shuttles were built: Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.
Two Space Shuttles were lost in flight: Challenger (STS-51L) and Columbia (STS-107).

About 1'' triangle swatch of insulation material mounted on a 7x9'' rigid foam board certified on the backside.

Space Shuttle Columbia was the world's first reusable spacecraft. It could take up to 8 astronauts into orbit to conduct experiments and to launch and repair satellites. Four more space-rated orbiters were built: Challenger, Discovery, Atlanitis and Endeavour. On April 12, 1981, astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen launched Space Shuttle Columbia from Kennedy Space Center, Launch Complex 39A. Mission goal was a safe ascend to orbit and a safe return to Earth for the orbiter and the crew. The Shuttle landed on April 14 at Edwards Airforce Base in California.

The source of this piece of blanket is a scrapped part of the Shuttle by NASA. NOT from the ill-fated mission STS-107!

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