Apollo 13 FLOWN heatshield + Kapton foil acrylic

Apollo 13 FLOWN heatshield + Kapton foil acrylic

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Acrylic block containing a flown piece of Kapton and heatshield flown to the moon on Apollo 13 

Apollo 13 launched April 11, 1970. The crew included Commander Jim Lovell, Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert, and Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise. The command module was named "Odyssey", and the lunar module was named "Aquarius". An oxygen tank explosion almost 56 hours into the flight. The spacecraft was damaged, but the crew was able to return to Earth.

Made in Germany - the best acrylics on the market
Made out of the most advanced acrylic available on the market today - Plexid 55 - these are ultraclear with no discoloration over time. Unlike other privately made acrylics or lucites these are real blocks, not cheaply glued or screwed together. Each block is about 5''x3''x1'' in size - perfect for any office table or even flat down in a cabinet.

The flown Kapton foil is originally from the collection of William Whipkey, NASA JSC head of machine shop and the heatshield is from the collection of Dick Williamson/NASA who personally removed the original plug from the spacecraft "Odyssey".

Only 30 such acrylics were made and each comes with a COA and documentation about the background of the artifacts.

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