Gemini 12 space flown heatshield presentation
Gemini 12 space flown heatshield presentation
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Gemini 12 space flown heatshield presentation

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Final Gemini flight : Gemini 12 - James Lovell and Buzz Aldrin - November 1966 
Heatshield material mounted on a 7x9'' rigid foam board certified on the backside.  

Gemini 12 was the tenth and final flight of the Gemini program, which built a bridge between Mercury and Apollo. Astronauts Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin performed a rendezvous and docking with the Agena target vehicle and three EVAs. There were also 14 scientific experiments on board.

The source of this heatshield fragment was a larger block of heatshield encased into lucite as a presentation piece given to VIP's and NASA workers as recognition 
for their work in the space program. 

This edition is limited to 30 presentations only.

Please note : Due to the nature of the source artifact each presentation differs slightly in color and shape.

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