V-2 / A-4 rocket (Peenemunde) graphite rudder acrylic

V-2 / A-4 rocket (Peenemunde) graphite rudder acrylic

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Acrylic containing a flown fragment of a V-2 rocket graphite rudder used to steer the rocket.

The V-2 rocket, German: Vergeltungswaffe-2 (“Vengeance Weapon 2”), also called V-2 missile or A-4, was a German ballistic missile of World War II, the first rocket to reach space in 1944. Developed in Germany from 1936 by Wernher von Braun, it was first successfully launched on October 3, 1942. In total, about 5,000 people died in V-2 attacks.

Unlike other privately made acrylics these are real blocks, not cheaply glued or screwed together. Each block is in the size of 3''x4' and about 1'' thick.

Perfect for any office table or even flat down in a cabinet.
We only use the best certified flown artifacts for these highend products:
This acrylic contains a piece of a graphite rudder from a vintage V-2 rocket produced in Peenemunde during WWII.

All our presentations, acrylics and other merchandising articles made or produced by BeenInSpace or Artifactcloud do come with an attached or separate certificate of authenticity (COA) and are guaranteed authentic without any limits. We do include copies of the source certificate or documentation where available.

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