Apollo 15 flown real Sieger cover - from the series of 100
Apollo 15 flown real Sieger cover - from the series of 100
Apollo 15 flown real Sieger cover - from the series of 100
Apollo 15 flown real Sieger cover - from the series of 100

Apollo 15 flown real Sieger cover - from the series of 100

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Apollo 15 lunar surface flown and landed "Sieger" cover - numbered #77 and notarized on the backside.

Comes with incredible documentation incl. another COA by the officially appointed space mail expert Walter Hopferwieser and the original selling letter by Hermann Sieger and a later buyback letter offering 21.000 DM in 1980 - that would be close to $30000 based on inflation today.

The cover is hand-signed by the Apollo 15 crew: Dave Scott, Jim Irwin, and Al Worden in the lower left of the cover and again hand-signed on the upper left by both moonwalkers Dave Scott and Jim Irwin who also hand-annotated it "Landed at Hadley moon July 30, 1971.

This is the actual cover from the series of 100 that caused the scandal after the flight!

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How do I know it's a real Sieger cover and not one of the crew-owned 300?

Even renowned auction houses and dealers get it wrong - only those covers stamped and numbered by Sieger on the backside from 1-99 (#100 is considered destroyed) along with a notarization are the real Sieger covers. And most prominent, the real Sieger covers are signed again by the two moonwalkers on the front - those from the other series are not.

While the regular flown covers are widely available at $6000-$9000, the Sieger covers having that unique history fetch up to $40000+ in auction. (R&R auctions).

The Sieger Apollo 15 covers are a series of philatelic items associated with the Apollo 15 mission, specifically produced by Hermann Sieger GmbH, a German philatelic company, to commemorate the mission.

Apollo 15 was the fourth crewed mission to land on the Moon, and it took place in July and August of 1971. The crew consisted of Commander David Scott, Command Module Pilot Alfred Worden, and Lunar Module Pilot James Irwin. During their mission, they conducted various scientific experiments and exploration activities on the lunar surface.

The Sieger Apollo 15 covers were envelopes that were postmarked on the day of the Apollo 15 launch, which took place on July 26, 1971. These envelopes were then carried aboard the spacecraft to the Moon and back to Earth. After their return, the covers were again postmarked with the date of their splashdown on August 7, 1971.

The Sieger Apollo 15 covers became highly sought-after collectibles among space enthusiasts and philatelists due to their association with a significant Apollo mission and their unique cachets. They are considered valuable pieces of space memorabilia and are often prized additions to space-themed stamp collections.

Overall, the Sieger Apollo 15 covers represent a combination of philately, space exploration, and historical commemoration, capturing a moment in time when humanity reached new heights in its quest to explore the cosmos.


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