Apollo 15 original „Sieger“ SURFACE FLOWN cover
Apollo 15 original „Sieger“ SURFACE FLOWN cover

Apollo 15 original „Sieger“ SURFACE FLOWN cover

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From the infamous „Sieger“ series of only 100 covers:
This is one of the covers that caused the controversy  - Lunar surface flown cover from Apollo 15 handsigned by the crew and signed again by the two moonwalkers.

Irwin added „Landed at Hadley Moon – July 30th 1971“.

Notarized on the backside, numbered by Sieger and also initialed by him.

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The story behind the "Sieger Covers":
In 1970, a German stamp dealer Hermann Sieger asked the Apollo 15 crew to carry one hundred covers to the moon for a payment of $7,000 to each of the astronauts. The agreement was that they would not be sold until after the Apollo program ends. The covers were vacuum-packed and sealed and Astronaut Dave Scott put the package in a pocket of his spacesuit. After the flight, the crew had the covers stamped and cancelled onboard the rescue ship. They signed the covers and forwarded them to Sieger in Germany. He immediately began to sell the covers. The astronauts tried to get the covers back, but failed. They returned the $7,000 payment, but NASA suspended all three astronauts from active flight status.

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