Charlie Duke – flown LM netting with lunar dust

Charlie Duke – flown LM netting with lunar dust

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Apollo 16 lunar surface flown strap - lunar dust coated - presentation hand-signed by moonwalker Charlie Duke!

Piece of netting from the LM "Orion" mounted onto an 8x10 presentation.

Apollo 16 flew to the moon april 16th - 27h 1972 with the crew of John Young, Charlie Duke, and Ken Mattingly.

The hilly region around Descartes crater in the lunar highlands was the landing site chosen for Apollo 16.

The landing site had two basic terrains that were explored and sampled: the Cayley Plains - a smooth or undulating light plains unit, and the Descartes formation made up of hilly furrowed highland plateau material. Analysis of the samples showed that these geologic units were made up of debris generated by impact events, perhaps from the formation of large lunar basins.

North and South Ray craters appeared to penetrate deeply into the Cayley formation and revealed a sequence of layering, perhaps through an overlap of both the Cayley and Descartes formations.

The source of the strap is the personal collection of Charlie Duke whom we personally acquired it from - a copy of his letter of authentication will come with the presentation.

The fragment is coated with real lunar dust that can be seen under a microscope (x60 recommended) where tons of grains easily become visible !

Important note : Lunar dust from the Apollo mission as part of a legally obtained artifact is legal to own !


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